Notes Xen

Divers problemes rencontrés

Il n'y a pas assez de loop device , la limite est de 8 par défaut, il faut donc l'augmenter, l'erreur type est :

Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Failed to find an unused loop device

Solution trouvée :

cd /dev
for i in `seq 9 255` ; do
mknod loop$i b 7 $i



Listes des processeurs pouvant serveir pour XEN



Commandes Xen courantes


  • xm shutdown pour arrêter normalement un domaine;
  • xm destroy pour mettre fin brusquement à un domaine;
  • xm reboot pour redémarrer un domaine;
  • xm console pour attacher une nouvelle console à un domaine actif.d



xm [args]

Control, list, and manipulate Xen guest instances.

Common 'xm' commands:

 console              Attach to 's console.                     
 create               Create a domain based on .            
 new                  Adds a domain to Xend domain management           
 delete               Remove a domain from Xend domain management.      
 destroy              Terminate a domain immediately.                   
 dump-core            Dump core for a specific domain.                  
 help                 Display this message.                             
 list                 List information about all/some domains.          
 mem-set              Set the current memory usage for a domain.        
 migrate              Migrate a domain to another machine.              
 pause                Pause execution of a domain.                      
 reboot               Reboot a domain.                                  
 restore              Restore a domain from a saved state.              
 resume               Resume a Xend managed domain                      
 save                 Save a domain state to restore later.             
 shell                Launch an interactive shell.                      
 shutdown             Shutdown a domain.                                
 start                Start a Xend managed domain                       
 suspend              Suspend a Xend managed domain                     
 top                  Monitor a host and the domains in real time.      
 unpause              Unpause a paused domain.                          
 uptime               Print uptime for all/some domains.                
 vcpu-set             Set the number of active VCPUs for allowed for    
                      the domain.



xm create [options] [vars]

Create a domain based on .


-h, --help           Print this help.
--help_config        Print the available configuration variables (vars)
                     for the configuration script.
-q, --quiet          Quiet.
--path=PATH          Search path for configuration scripts. The value of
                     PATH is a colon-separated directory list.
-f=FILE, --defconfig=FILE
                     Use the given Python configuration script.The
                     configuration script is loaded after arguments have
                     been processed. Each command-line option sets a
                     configuration variable named after its long option
                     name, and these variables are placed in the
                     environment of the script before it is loaded.
                     Variables for options that may be repeated have list
                     values. Other variables can be set using VAR=VAL on
                     the command line. After the script is loaded, option
                     values that were not set on the command line are
                     replaced by the values set in the script.
-F=FILE, --config=FILE
                     Domain configuration to use (SXP).
                     SXP is the underlying configuration format used by
                     SXP configurations can be hand-written or generated
                     from Python configuration scripts, using the -n
                     (dryrun) option to print the configuration.
-n, --dryrun         Dry run - prints the resulting configuration in SXP
                     but does not create the domain.
-x, --xmldryrun      XML dry run - prints the resulting configuration in
                     XML but does not create the domain.
-s, --skipdtd        Skip DTD checking - skips checks on XML before
                     creating. Experimental. Can decrease create time.
-p, --paused         Leave the domain paused after it is created.
-c, --console_autoconnect
                     Connect to the console after the domain is created.